Saturday, July 11, 2009

Basic space marine tactics

Hello and welcome to the website dedicated to wargaming with the finest warriors in the emperium, the space marines. Here you will find indeapth tactics and views on how to wage war effectivley and dominate all opponents you encounter using the standard space marine codex in the 5th edition of warhammer 40,000.

This site will be periodically updated with additional tactics.

The 41'st millennium is filled with constant war and strife, aliens, heretics, and daemons are to but name a few of the untold threats to humanity. Every battle is a battle for survival, 1000's of such battles are waged everyday across the galaxy, the only constant in the universe is war. The emperium of man stands in the middle of this constant war as a beacon of light, standing firm against the untold billions of enemy's that threaten it each day, and at the tip of the spear stands the space marine. He is no mere man, he is more than man, a super human being that has been genetically altered to face such threats and win. There are only a hand full of such space marines in comparison to the masses that threaten the emperium, but with the finest armor and training available, along with psycho conditioning to feel no fear, and the finest weapons in there arsenal the space marines stand victorious. They are all that stands between extinction and survival.

The basic guide lines to follow.
HQ: Do not spend allot of points on HQ, bring a HQ that offers a wide variety of bonuses to your army not just one, like some of the spacial characters available, and try to maximise on those abilities to make your army function at full power. If you can avoid your commander from getting in close combat it is preferable since many things will kill them, unless he is geared toward not dying then keep him out.

Troops: Not much to say here other than try not to get out of hand on the troop upgrades, keep them cheap and plentiful.

Elites: This is where you can splurge on points, the elites section is where most of your killing power lies, do not go shy on upgrades or fire power you will do most damage here.

heavy support: another good section to spend a few points but try not to get to out of hand here either, a inexpensive tank is a very good choice, a expensive tank can get destroyed all to easy, with the exceptions of land raiders, spend light on the vehicles but fill out the 3 slots for maximum fire power.

Fast attack: probably the weakest section in the space marine army book, either the models are to extensive, or they die to fast, or they are not effective, or a combination of all 3, with the exceptions of the scout bikers, attack bike squads with multi Malta's or a land speeder storm I would avoid all other choices and spend the points in the other sections.

Command squad/honor guard: either choice is a very good choice they both have there strengths and weaknesses but both perform exceptionally well, on a spacial note I would lean towards a honor guard with Pedro kantor as he makes them more than good with the plus one attack and stubborn, letting them not spend points on the chapter banner.

Basic rules I would suggest to follow.

with range weaponry Build your troops to kill tanks and your tanks to kill troops, this seems to be the most cost effective and damage out put marines are able to field.

If you build a melee list do not invest in jump pack marines of any sort, the other options available are much better, it is far better to take the jump packs off and put them in a vehicle due to the fact that vehicles are much harder to kill in the current version of the game.

Next we will give a break down unit bye unit and give each entry in the space marine codex a series of ratings, there will be 6 ratings for each entry, this rating system is called the "Guilliman rating" named after the ultra marines primarch who first wrote the index asartes which most space marine chapters follow to the letter. Each score will be between 1 and 10, one being the worst score a unit may achieve and 10 being the best.
The six categories are 1. General:, or (G) for short, this is the overall rating the unit has, it is not reflected in the other 5 ratings, but is just a stand alone rating based on the units cost, and overall effectiveness. 2. Ranged damage:, or (R) for short this is the overall damage output rating of a unit. 3. Melee damage:, or (M) for short this is the rating of the units overall effectiveness in hand to hand combat. 4. Low damage output or (L) for short, This is the rating given to a unit at its worst possible damage output in any particular circumstance, represented by bad dice rolls, bad scatter rolls, or low weapon strength or lack of weapon options. 5. High damage output, or (H) for short, this is the rating given to a unit at its best possible damage out put, represented by good dice rolls, good scatter rolls, high weapons strength, and a abundance of weapon options. 6. Versatility:, or (V) for short this is the overall versatility of a unit, taking into consideration, mobilty, melee, ranged, and weapon options, this is a stand alone rating much like the general rating because versatility has its own merits separate from other statistics, allot can be said about a unit that "can do it all" essentially saving you points and maximising on both, ranged damage, melee damage and both capabilities respectively. Next we will go into the unit break downs.

Guilliman rating quick reference chart: (G) General overall rating, (R) Ranged damage, (M) Melee damage, (L) low damage output, (H) High damage output, (V) Versatility.

The Guilliman rating should be used as a reference as to wich troops perform better under most circumstances, there may be a time when bringing a lower rated unit might be more beneficial due to the army meshing well, like a all assault force, or if the cost would prohibit a different unit. But for the most part the rating will be accuarate due to the cost of models wich is included in the rating.

HQ compulsurary choices, "ie" the manditory 1 hq for your army, this section of the Guilliman rating will be strickly to caiptains and obove, honor guard, and comand squads will be coverd after.

Marneus Calgar, (G)10 (R)8 (M)9 (L)7 (H)10 (V)9, Marneus Augustus Calgar is the chapter master of the ultra marines and his profile shows this, armed with orbital bombardment and a array of weaponry he is able to take on any threat as well as boost his troops with the God of war ability.His high cost in points may be a deterant But with all of the combonations of abilitys he has to offer he is well worth the points.

Cato sicarius, (G)7 (R)7 (m)7 (L)3 (H)8 (V)8 A decent all around caiptain but his points cost may deter some from using him, under cirtain circumstances he can turn the tide of the battle do to some of the abilitys he gives his units as well as his sword witht the a potential to instant kill a aposing enemy comander.

Varro Tigurius, (G)6 (R)8 (M)6 (L)3 (H)10 (V)9, Chief librarian for the ultra marines, tigerius comes in at a whoping 230 points, he lacks the durabitly of his ultra marine counter parts but comes with some very interesting options, some who like to gamble may elect to field tigerius as he does have very good potential in the right circumstances as dictated in his rating.

Ortan Cassius,(G)8 (R)6 (M)5 (L)2 (H)7 (V)7 While not boasting some of the ornate speacial abiltys chaiplan cassius costs only 125 points, he is very durable and gives his unit the usual chaiplain abilitys also with his personal ranged weapon he comes out head and shoulders above a standard chaiplain, if you are looking for a good inexpensive leader for your army he is a exelent choice.

Pedro Kantor (G)10 (R)7 (M)7 (L)7 (H)10 (V)10 Pedro Kantor is the chapter master of the Crimson fist and his profile shows this, also armed with a orbital bombardment and his speacial storm bolter his ranged output is respectable, while lacking the eternal warrior abilty like marnius calgar he may be a gamble to stick in the front lines of the assault, but his power fist can do respectible damage, it is his buff abilitys that set him apart from the rest, giving all units within 12 inches plus one attack to there profile he may lead the most efftice assault army in the codex, or lead a ranged army just as effectivley ready for a counter attack, his versatility, and very affordable cost is what makes him a notch above.

Darnath Lysander (G)9 (R)3 (M)10 (L)8 (H)10 (V)8 Caiptain Lysander of the imperial fists, is without a doubt the single hardest marine to kill, when you combine that with his strengh 10 master crafted thunder hammer he is also the most damaging in close combat, while lacking any ranged weaponry he does allow a unit he is with to re-roll bolter and storm bolter weapons making a squad a much more leathal unit. His buffing abilitys are respectable making his army stubbor as well as fortifying a position and he comes in at a respectable 200 points, if you are looking for a front line comander for your army but do not want to spend as much for marneus calgar, he is a exelent choice.

Kayvaan Shrike (G)6 (R)3 (M)6 (L)2 (H)7 (V)7 Caiptain Shrike of the raven guard comes in at 195 points, he is one of the easier speacial characters to kill, as well as not boasting any super combat abilitys, but his army buffs is where his strength lies, while not nearly as potent as some of the others, if you are looking for a army to be fast and get the charge,as well as a fluffy character he can be a good choice but his cost and abitlitys are better left out of a army for one of the other choices all in all.

Vulkan He'stan (G)9 (R)6 (M)7 (L)6 (H)8 (v)9
Forge father Vulkan He'stan is a very effective as well as cost effective choice, while not as affordable as Pedro Kantor he is probably second best behind Calgar and Kantor as far as cost and overall abilitys, Very durable and respectable in close combat, his true strength lies in the abilty to twin link all melta and flamer weapons as well as master craft thunder hammers making him a very good buffing character, and gives his army a very high damage potential, but lacks in the leadership abilitys that some of the other choices have to offer, if you want the potential for maximum short ranged damage, and dont mind a little more of a gamble on your army running away then Vulkan He'stan is the choice for you.

The standard caiptain and chapter master will not be rated, they are cost effective and come with very outstanding options but you will pay for those upgrades, all in all it is much better to choose a speacial character for your army as you will get much more milage out of them.